Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yeah, this is all about me and my house

Well this is an easy way to start things off and I probably should have done this a few weeks ago...

I was lucky enough to have my friends at Covet Garden do an entire issue spread on me and my little house! Please take a gander over at Covet Garden which is a great FREE online magazine based here in Toronto. You can find me in issue 10. 

Of course in hindsight there are a few things I would have not wearing the horizontal stripped dress on camera, (it does add a few pounds.) Speaking of that I suppose I also would have tried harder to loose a few pounds before the shoot! And of course since that shoot I have acquired some new furniture and art pieces and rearranged my tchotchkes and whatnots that you just might see in some upcoming posts.


  1. Oh no, I think the whole thing looked absolutely divine and I wouldn't have changed a was absolute perfection and I'm so glad you shared your world with all of us. I think you inspired many of us out here!

    All the best,

  2. Oh my goodness, You look amazing absolutly stunning there is nothing you need to change my dear. and your home is soooo beautiful and as Mary says it is totally inspiring!!!

  3. Thanks ladies! Now I just need to follow this up with something. I have lots of ideas, just need to get my dang camera out.

  4. I am in awe over your house, it is gorgeous! And you look fantastic too!

  5. Awe schucks! I'm blushing.

  6. Hello, when I saw your house on Covent Garden, I was open mouth for days......Debora