Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun with tilt-shift photos: take a peak at my "little" den

So I've always been drawn to dioramas for some reason, they make me happy. While I was flipping through issue 5 of Covet Garden on the project page I read about the TiltShift app for iphone cameras. I had not heard of tilt-shift photography at this point but from the description, "simulates a tilt-shift lens to make your landscapes look like miniatures," I had to do some research. Not owning an iphone myself I found some instructions on how to simulate the effect using Photoshop. I know this isn't really a landscape so it was not ideal subject matter. I would say it turned out alright and I might just experiment some more with this technique.


  1. How cute does that look! I have wanted to have a go at this for ages after seeing some amazing images on Flickr, but have not had the right image. Yours looks great!!

  2. Thanks, it certainly took some staging and experimenting to get it to this point.