Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thinking of my kitchen curtains

So, I've been thinking about making a new set of curtains for my kitchen for a while. The curtains I currently have are well fine, a very ecconomical black and white gingham, but don't really add much warmth visually or insulation wise. I guess I am trying to justify to myself spending a lot of money on buying fabric. But at the same time winter is coming and my kitchen, which isn't properly insulated or sufficiently heated, can use any help it can get in keeping the cold air out. I've had my eye on these fabrics from Full Swing Textiles for years. They certainly have some authentic looking mid century  designs in barkcloth. Now I certainly have several sets of curtains that I have made by reclaiming old barckcloth curtains and custom fitting them to my windows, but I've had to work around holes and fading and stains and soaking in Oxyclean and ripping out dirty old disintegrating liners. So its always nice to work with some fresh yardage after dealing with all that. Here is my kitchen (photo from my Covet Garden issue) 

For reference my kitchen paint colour is Sherwin Williams Burma Jade and was inspired by Seymour's apartment in Ghost World(Tee hee). Gawd I love that movie.

Below is the georgeous fabric from Full Swing Textiles I can see replacing the tired old flimsy gingham: Cabin Plaid - Black.

I'm thinking that Midnight in the Pines would make a great accent for a valance.

So for the project I need to spend about 200 bones to get the fabric for the kitchen curtains, not to mention the adjoining laundry room window which I could do at a later date. Eeeeee, think i will do it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Window Shopping

Who doesn't love window shopping (especially on the internet)?  Just thought I would share a little something that caught my eye today. I think that what draws me to this is that it reminds me of the jewellery pieces that I made in my past life as a goldsmith and at the same time appeals to my current "vintage" style and design sensibilities. Not to mention the surreal flair of the imagery. A very successful design in my opinion.

Friday, August 12, 2011

C'est Moi...

As a blogging noob I suppose this is an outfit post/self indulgent photo shoot...

These photos were taken on a HOT Toronto summer day by Sarah Thompson

Dress: 1950s vintage bought from Toronto Vintage Clothing Show
Belt: Came from World Sew in a heap of random belts
Shoes: Stone Ridge
Accessories: Too hot to wear, I could barely keep the belt on!

One of my favourite frocks! Though the dress really begs for an outdoor setting with a Mexican feel, some exotic flora and fauna, Toronto really doesn't offer that kind of scenery. Oh well! 

This one needs some photoshopping...

This is my effort to start doing oufit posts. Though the pro photography helped out with this one. Hopefully there will be more where this came from.